Matthieu Meert is in2wood

And you can take that literally. The designer and entrepreneur does everything on his own: from sketching and designing to product development and woodworking.

Matthieu creates high-quality Belgian designs that may appear simple, but are the product of a great deal of thought and professional expertise.

His collections are created freehand: he draws, sketches and designs until the draft reflects his gut feeling.

The result is a set of streamlined, yet playful collections with wood in the leading role and a highly detailed finish.

The In2Wood collections are perfectly keyed to a nomadic lifestyle. Beautiful in their simplicity, the pieces are simple to move about, allowing you to easily adapt their new function to your interior needs.

Mad about wood

We're very proud of what you see here and it's a huge part of what we do. This catalogue is the formalized, systematized knowledge we’ve built up within the company, and the breath of that knowledge is immediately apparent.

We bring the warmth of wood into every product. We do it with dedication and with the necessary professionalism, because we're so passionate about wood.

Wood is our drive.. we simply can't get enough of it.

We prefer to work with FSC labeled wood. This label attest to sustainable forest management, which is a hot issue for in2wood.


We're building on the growth of our company every day, with professionalism, passion, knowledge and respect for our retailers and customers.

Innovation, differentiation and specialization are our strengths.
We approach every collection with the same attitude:
we only succeeded if everything is done, to the last tiny detail